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Fine quality craftsmanship comes with no compromise. At least that's what we believe at Old West Woods.

We specialize in handcrafted, unrivaled wood products, which include flooring, architectural beams/timbers, and custom furniture. Our artisans craft each project from start to finish.

With a strong belief in being environmentally responsible, OLD WEST WOODS has a long track record of using reclaimed and sustainable lumber sources and low VOC finishes in all of our projects. We source materials from many points far and near, 18th century french oak planks salvaged from an old burgundy chateau in France to a long forgotten barn in the Ohio Valley. OLD WEST WOODS only uses the finest materials available.

Due to the quality and detail the craftsmen and artisans put into each and every project, we accept a limited number of commissions each year in order to provide each client with hands-on attention and service.

OLD WEST WOODS works with architects, designers and builders in both private residential and commercial applications.

Contact us today for further information on how we can assist you.

"Each and every board has a sense of provence, from which it came, whether it be an original plank from a centuries-old Paris apartment or a time worn timber from a 150-year-old midwest barn, the deep worn edges and ageless patina tells many a tale."

- Jeremy M. Bowersock , OLD WEST WOODS, founder


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